Visual Assignment – Street View Story

For my new assignment, I decided to try out the Street View Story inwhich I found a location using Google Maps Street View and then make up a story in regards to it. I decided to check out the Roman Colosseum and noticed a man in the entrance. He looked like he was depressed, hunched over almost dragging his back leg. This struck me as interesting and I came up with his back story.


Many moons ago, in Rome, a forgotten battle waged between two opposing sides.

The Romans ruled over a large, valuable land with an overabundance of banana trees and sugar cubes. They were happy and lived their obese lives with a sense of security that their Monday Night Yatzee Marathons would last forever.

However, this prosperity did not sit well with everyone. A mile out of the main Roman City lived an evil, exiled wizard who answered by the name of Slagathor. Slagathor had been exiled from the Roman city due to accusations of cheating during the semi-final round of their annual donkey races. He felt his exile was unjust, harboring a hatred for the city and its inhabitants. He spent every night of his grueling four day exile thinking of ways to get back at them. Looking over scroll after scroll, he began to become frustrated and almost gave up. Fueled by his frustration, he decided to invade the city and lay waste to it, ending the problem once and for all. Slagathor went alone, since bringing his army of minions with him would be too noticeable. Attacking from the inside would be more effective.

The Roman Legion was led by the infamous Biff Wellington, who was known for his intuition and his savage and controversial Yatzee techniques. On this particular day, Biff was told to pick up the dry cleaning by his ward and happened to be near the front gate, noticing Slagathor entering the kingdom. As Slagathor made his way into the Colosseum, Biff gathered the best the military had to offer, expecting the worst, and followed him in.

As Biff and his men entered, they noticed Slagathor standing in the middle, facing them and smiling. As Biff was about to speak, Slagathor conjured his minions and sent them racing towards the military. The fight lasted for hours, as every minion and every man was defeated, leaving Biff Welington standing over Slagathor with a glint in his eye. With Slagathors last breathe and ounce of magic, he did the worst thing he could do Biff – curse him with eternal life.

Now, every year, Biff returns to the Roman Colosseum to mourn his fallen allies as well as hold a yatzee tournament in remembrence.


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