Visual Assignment – Fat Cat

I have seen this photo of Marilyn Monroe all over the internet, and many people I know have seen it at some point. This makes it well known, to me at least.I felt that this picture met the requirements because:

1. Photography is art.

2. Given the year and the ever changing media attention, I see this as a  classic piece of work.

Fatcat finished 2

I was trying to work off the fact that pets tend to become very possessive and territorial, wanting our constant attention. In this photo, Marilyn is out with her pet and an anonymous person comes and distracts her from the Fact Cat, making him shocked and upset.

To make this one, I tried to use Photoshop but found it oddly complicated. I then decided to try out GIMP, which worked beautiful. I used the scissors select tool to cut out the cat and place it in the photograph, after using the re-scale tool to make it more realistic. I then saved that as a file, brought it back into gimp and ran the same process with the basket. However, in regards to the basket, I had to convert the original file into black and white to go with the theme of the photograph.

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  2. Alan Levine says:

    HEY LOOK AT ME! Nicely done, I wonder how Mariyn would feel if the cat got all the attention. And what is in their picnic masket?