¿Entonces cuál es la mala?

For the last of my 4 stars I decided to put my years of Spanish classes to work. The joke I found didn’t have a title unfortunately, so I just picked out a line from it that I thought would work well. I recorded that myself, downloaded the guitar music track and the laughter. The music track wasn’t long enough to cover the entire joke so I had to copy, paste, and slide it together. Then I amplified the reading and decreased the volume on the music track.

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No Responses to “¿Entonces cuál es la mala?”

  1. That is one looonnngggg joke! haha and I like the laugh you threw in at the end 😀


  2. Alan Levine says:

    This is fantastic (although I cannot tell if the joke is funny)- good use of editing to mix in music and the laughter.

    Mucho bueno.