The New Games

( 4 star)I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I had recently watched the movie The Hunger Games and loved it. Based on the descriptions in the book and their appearence in the movie, the “Capital” citizens and peace keeps (the police force) looked like aliens compared to the others. This gave me the idea of somehow incorporating an alien themed movie. Then I thought of Transformers and decided to take the trailer from the 3rd movie. With this trailer, I tried to give it the effect that the “capital” citizens were aliens enslaving and toying with humans.

To make this mash up, I used the video from The Hunger Games and the audio from Transformers 3. I uploaded the audio file onto Windows Live Movie Maker and took away the audio initially.  Then I uploaded the audio track and tried to fit it the best I could. From there I went into the editing process. It did not require much, only some minor increasing and decreasing of the video audio. I tried my best to match up all the speaking parts. However, there were a few moments where their was talking in the video, but not the audio. In order to make it flow well, I decided to just let the normal audio in on 1 occasion. I did this by segmenting the section and making that video segment louder. The rest of the talking seemed to fit in well.


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2 Responses to “The New Games”

  1. Feng Chen says:

    The way you let the girl’s voice speak during one of the segments made it seem like her voice transitions into the audio. I thought that was really well done. But I also thought you could have left out the ending audio that was in the original hunger games because it didn’t’ seem to fit in with the rest of the audio. Overall, you did well 🙂

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