Jurassic Park in a 5 Second Nutshell

(3 stars) Since last week became so rushed, I decided to try to wipe out as much of these assignments as I can, as early as I can. Without sacrificing quality that is. With that in mind, day 2 = assignment 2, 5 Second Film.

I was trying to think of a movie or a series of movies that start off with one mood that is completely different from the rest. After a couple minutes, I remembered Jurassic park. in this movie, everything is great in the beginning. Everyone is excited. Everyone is happy and thinking “YAY!┬áDINOSAURS!” However, it turns from happy to horrible very quickly.


Making this movie was pretty simple. All i just to do was a small amount of planning, some clip downloading and use the “Split” feature in Windows Movie Maker to cut out unwanted segments. Past together and BAM! Assignment is done.

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