Visual Assignment/Tutorial – Spying on People

I was on campus today and had a 3 hour break between two classes. For once, I had no work to finish up. Well, at least work that I had with me at the time. I decided to take the opportunity to walk around campus and take pictures of random things that I thought were interesting. My adventure took me past the Judicial building, where the landscape was surprisingly dull. One my way out, I saw a series of red bushes which stood out a great deal so I decided to take a picture of them. After snapping the picture, I realized that seeing a guy walking around in a trench coat with a camera (a pink one, nonetheless) lurking in bushes catches students attention.

Then I remembered the visual assignments for this class and figured I might be able to knock some out with my new pictures.  For my first official Visual Assignment, I decided to take care of the Color Splash option and came up with this.

Spying on students from behind the bushes

What I used:

You can use multiple tools to make this effect. I wanted to use photoshop, but I realized did not have access to it on the campus computers and started to cry. I was excited to get this done. HOWEVER! Hope was not lost. I decided to try out Picnik for the first time and  I was pleasantly surprised.  It is very simple to use, however, below is a tutorial on how to apply this effect if anyone has any questions.

Tutorial for Color Splashing

1. Once on the Picnik website and upload the picture that you want to edit from your computer.

2. Once the photo is finished uploading, you will see a multitude of options. You only need to go to the “Effects” option on the top bar.

3. Then click on the option “Black and White”. This will do what it implies, convert your color picture to black and white.

*Note* This may seem silly to state, but make sure that the photo you are uploading is indeed a color one or else you will not be able to                  continue  with restoring the color in the next step.

4. The last step. After you click on the Black and White option, a side menu will appear. Congratulatons, your now in Paint Mode! Two tabs should be available, Effect and Original. Make sure it is in original because the whole purpose of the painting is to restore the original colors to specific items. Then  adjust brush settings if need be, and get to painting. You can also play around with the other features to see what interesting things you can do to it. For example, I played around with the shadows and contrast.

*Another Note* Brush size can be important. If your dealing with small details, make sure your brush size is also small or else you will be painting items that dont want to be emphasized.

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  4. Briana says:

    I really like this picture. I like how the curve of the path leads your eyes in between the two trees in the left-center. Nice job with the details too!

  5. This is awesome! How much time did it take to make it look this good?


  6. JustinBaker says:

    Thanks Rachel!

  7. JustinBaker says:

    Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. I had nice time with this one.

  8. JustinBaker says:

    Thank you a lot for the praise. It made my day! Brushing in the red took me about 10 mins or so. The biggest problem was messing up and accidently highlighting elements other than what I wanted. This was easily fixed with a smaller brush size. I used a large one for the more clustered areas and the smallest for the branches.

  9. Jim Groom says:

    The fact you did this in Picnik is mindblowing to me. I spent all night trying tog et this right in the latest version of PS, and you nailed it twice as good as I ever could in Picnik. Another demonstration that it is not the tool, but how you use it!

  10. Alan Levine says:

    FANTASTIC! What a excellent iteration of this assignment. Was it tedious to brush in the red? The detail is astounding.

    And what more that you accomplished this in the free Picnik editor. FYI you can use PicNik directly from flickr under the Actions menu (“Edit Photo in Picnik”).

    And what more that you did a tutorial, a triple threat post. This is great ds106 work.

  11. Rachel Tippett says:

    This is really cool! The way you made the flowers stand out amongst the background is nice perspective. Makes you look at campus is a new way.